The head of the hydra

the head of the hydra

The head of the hydra

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To writers like Ovid the Hydra grew back two or even three heads for every single one that was destroyed. This ability made the Hydra a formidable monster that was almost impossible to kill. In addition to their number and indestructible nature, the heads of the Hydra presented a further challenge. It could spit a type of venom so powerful that even the scent of its breath could prove deadly. Even when the monster was sleeping, its breath was enough to make anyone who came close die on the spot.

The monster made its home at Lerna, which at the time was the site of a great lake and swampland. The narrow strip of land on which it sat made avoiding the hazards of such terrain almost impossible for anyone passing through. The lake was said to be bottomless. A later writer said that although the surface of the water appeared calm and peaceful any swimmer who tried to cross the lake was pulled under or swept away.

Like many monsters in the ancient world, the Hydra represented a very real danger in life. Charybdis , for example, represented a real whirlpool. The Hydra could have been a massive counterpart of real-world water snakes, many of which have deadly venom. Coming upon a nest of snakes or a favorite feeding site could give the impression of a single multi-headed creature that was almost impossible to kill.

The Hydra also could have had a more symbolic meaning. Such swampland could also prove deadly over a longer period of time. As a favorite breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects, wet territory like the land surrounding Lerna encouraged the spread of malaria and other diseases. The Hydra in Greek mythology is often called the Lernaean Hydra to distinguish it from other, similar monsters.

Taking the name of the swamp did more than just give the Hydra a location, it tied it to the dangers of the area. Lerna was more than just a marshy lake region, though. In Greek mythology, it was also a portal to the underworld. These entrances to the underworld were thought to exist all over the living world, hidden in remote and dangerous locations. In addition to the natural dangers, the Greeks believed that such gateways were guarded by fearsome and hideous monsters who would kill any mortal who came too close.

By making its lair at Lerna, the Hydra served as one of many guardians to the realm of the dead. The monsters who watched over these sites served not only to keep the living from wandering into the lands of the dead, but also to make sure the souls of the dead could never escape. And, again like the Hydra, they were often associated with snakes. Its brother Cerberus, for example, guarded the gates that lay beyond the River Styx.

When Theseus was bound to the Chair of Forgetfulness as punishment for entering the underworld without permission, its straps were said to be serpents that coiled around his body. Snakes were so closely associated with this realm that they were one of the sacred animals and identifying attributes of Hades himself. The giant Typhus, who led his kin in a war against the Olympians, also had snakes either as a belt or protruding from his skin.

Some said that he had taken the rulership of Tartarus, the darkest part of the underworld, after his demise. Lamia , who was responsible for the deaths and disappearances of children, was a serpent-tailed woman.

Apollo and his oracles were associated with snakes after he and Artemis killed the great Python. There are hints in the literature than many of these dreadful serpent creatures lived and hunted near portals to the underworld. The Greeks were not alone in associating snakes with death and the underworld.

Living underground and sometimes lashing out with deadly venom, snakes were linked to death around the world. The Hydra is remembered for its part in one of the most well-known stories of ancient Greece. Like many monsters of legend, including several of its siblings from Echidna, the Hydra was the subject of one of the twelve labors of Heracles. The great hero had been hated from the moment he was born by his jealous stepmother, Hera. As his fame grew, she had caused him to be driven mad in an attempt to stop his popularity from increasing any more.

In a frenzy, the legendarily strong demigod had turned against his own wife and children, killing them in cold blood. Filled with remorse, Heracles had consulted an oracle to learn how he could do penance and atone for the sin of killing his own family.

She told him to enter the service of Eurystheus. The king assigned the penitent Heracles a series of nearly impossible tasks to prove his strength, devotion, and will. If Heracles could complete them, he would earn forgiveness and be closer to gaining a place next to his father on Mount Olympus. Some sources claimed that the Hydra had not been an issue prior to this.

Hera raised the monster just to pit it against Heracles, hoping it would kill him. In this type of myth, Hera and Eurystheus were working together in an attempt to cause the downfall of Heracles. Unable to kill him outright, they hoped the difficult quests they came up with for him would result in his death instead.

Soon, however, he realized the fight would be much harder than he anticipated. He had not been prepared for how difficult it would be to defeat the regenerating Hydra. With Iolaos Iolaus driving, Herakles rode a chariot to Lerna, and there, stopping the horses, he found the Hydra on a ridge beside the springs of Amymone where she nested.

By throwing flaming spears at her he forced her to emerge, and as she did he was able to catch hold. But she hung on to him by wrapping herself round one of his feet, and he was unable to help matters by striking her with his club, for as soon as one head was pounded off two others would grow in its place.

Then a giant crab came along to help the Hydra, and bit Herakles on the foot. Faced with both the invulnerability of the Hydra and the crab that appeared to help it, Heracles realized he was outmatched. His strength and skill would be nothing against a creature whose heads grew back and multiplied faster than he could dispatch them. Other depictions had him using a sword or a handheld sickle to slice through the many coiling necks of the creature he fought.

The crab was easy to defeat, he simply crushed it beneath his foot, and had come, or been sent by Hera, simply as a distraction. The many-headed Hydra could not be overcome alone, though. Heracles called for his nephew to help him, and the clever young man came up with an ingenious way to stop the beast.

Perhaps inspired by Athena, he picked up one of the flaming torches they had used to find their way through the marsh. As soon as a head was removed, he used the torch to cauterize the wound. By acting so quickly, the wound was closed before a new set of heads could grow from it. Only one remained. According to some versions of the legend , the center head of the monster provided an additional obstacle. This head, unlike the others, could not be killed.

Heracles used his golden sword, a gift from Athena , to remove this last serpentine head. As it continued to wriggle and lash out at him, he placed it beneath an enormous rock to keep it from being a further threat. The rock remained as a landmark between the town of Lerna and neighboring Elaius. No one ever dared to move it and risk exposing the deadly, still living, head of the Hydra. His second task complete, Heracles returned to Eurystheus. By receiving help from his nephew, Heracles had failed to complete the task by himself.

Eurystheus would eventually assign Heracles two additional tasks to replace the ones he had gotten help with, bringing the number of quests to twelve. Although he made the last two jobs particularly dangerous, stealing a golden apple of immortality from the Hesperides and bringing Cerberus out of the underworld, Heracles prevailed in the end. She plagued him throughout his life but was unable to kill him for many years.

The goddess placed the Hydra into the night sky as a constellation to commemorate it. The crab she placed there, as well, as the constellation Cancer. After destroying the great snake creature, Heracles saw a use for its potent venom. These poisoned arrows would service Heracles well in his later adventures.

He used them many times in both the labors assigned by Eurystheus and other fights. As the centaur lay dying from the toxins on the arrow, he cleverly came up with a way to get his revenge on Heracles. The death also left a stain on the earth itself. The blood on the robe was tainted with a terrible poison. When Heracles put on that robe, it began to burn his skin.

Searing him to the bone, the poison nearly drove the hero mad with pain. Yes, I get all that. But the point is that according to every poll ever, Salmond is more popular than independence. I was at a Scottish IT industry event in Edinburgh recently. There were world-renowned speakers present and a very positive can-do attitude.

Independence is being increasingly seen by many as the tremendous opportunity for a new start that it undoubtedly is. The wave of enthusiasm is building strongly. Against that tide of opinion, attacks on Alex Salmond by unionist Cnuts are utterly irrelevant and ineffectual.

Have the unionists been sleeping? The First Eck has been doing a marvelous job promoting Scotland in various places over the past few years, including the States, China, and Dubai. This has been a long time in the planning. Be certain that if there was any it would be splashed on all the front pages in very large type. A politician with clean hands. Surely some mistake! Hostile international audience?? Spot on. Scotland will be welcomed the world over of that I am certain.

Anas Sarwar? They would wonder why he only speaks about the SNP, regardless of any question he is asked. Out street leafletting yesterday, none of the public i spoke to mentioned Alex Salmon, nor any other politician. An English couple,now living here, were very concerned of the effect on rUK in the event of independence. A year ago they may well have believed that independence would mean an end to the UK subsidising Scotland, that most certainly is not how they view it now.

A lot of the time the No camp looks and sounds as if they have just got out of bed. I hope they continue to be so complacent for another 11 months. Erchie The Register has become a right-wing Climate Change denying, only buy American Military kit over the last year or so. I used to read The Register on a daily basis, and I agree with your assessment except that it has been that way, I think, for more than just a year or two; it is also irritatingly immature in its choice of headlines and the tone of some of the articles.

When it published a previous nasty anti-independence article, I deleted it from my bookmarks without any hesitation or regrets. On the hostile thing I think perhaps that is a reference to the vested interests of Von Rompuy and Barroso and their ilk rather than ordinary citizens and politicians around the world. There is a need to meet head on some of the EU Nay Sayers. No, not surprising at all.

Stupid, but not surprising. The fact that their strategy has been a complete and utter failure makes no never mind. The only people who actually believe the myth tend to inhabit Labour party committee rooms or read the Mail, Express or Telegraph.

The people who matter however, the people whose opinion really counts have already made their feelings known in and They are panicked now and desperate for anything which will damage the YES campaign. The other shoe will drop in November when the SG get serious on the campaign front with the release of the white paper. BT will then have their hands full on two fronts and they know it.

How long though before we see the odd crack appearing there I wonder? The more gaffes the NO Campaign make, e. Just saw A carmichael on Sunday politics, dear dear me. Any question immediately caused a loss of signal to his ear piece. However he seems a nice boy if a little slow and so proud of himself, pity about the politics.

Heard on the news that chancer , sorry chancellor, George osborne is in china with the begging bowl oot, trying to solicit multi- billion pound investment in the U. K England , and Cameron is invited next month, perhaps if he takes home secretary Theresa May wi him she can pick up some tips on how tae deal wi aw the undesirables, immigrants , and scroungers when she gets her way and abolishes the human rights act, as china has great expertise in this field.

Beachthistle Be my guest. By September next year people may have grown tired or suspicious of it. If a dog is sleeping and it hears an unfamiliar noise it will immediately jump up and start barking. There is absolutely no thought process involved, it is pure instinct nothing else. I love dogs so apologies in advance to all dogs everywhere! GP Walrus Cheers. Of course if the result was No, it would be his duty to carry on the fight.

The sound of unionist heads exploding would be absolutely deafening! When I ask British nationalists for the positive case for the union, by the end of their first sentence it has invariably descended into an Alex Salmond ad hominem. They have nothing else. And the criticisms of him have no substance I ask for examples and consist of wee fat, smug lying dictator.

Then repeat until we find someone who can actually do the job properly. I think the problem is that so many people get so fixed in their own opinions that they refuse to even listen to an opposing point of view. Even if said opinions are merely the result of absorbing all the Project Fear propaganda and somehow mistaking that for information relevant to the Real World.

Not sure on that one… I would however accept a walrus as prime minister. The next time someone announces their dislike of AS, politely ask them who they would rather see running the country. And please do not laugh if they try to answer. In an observational and note taking capacity in view of the forth coming referendum. The man must have the psychological strength of a lion and the patience of a saint, to be able to smile in the face of such adversity.

Not only is he attacked relentlessly for anything he says or does with his elected purpose on behalf of Scotland, but to be constantly pursued with such a deeply personal agenda must be a truly awful thing to suffer. On the Alex Salmond thing shows you where the real BT fears are! Maybe its in the name; who knows. But it clearly gets under the skin!!! Keith Gilchrist — I agree and the same goes for the MSM nonsense of only representing one side shocking and something I will never forget.

Who gives a Fek. It is independence we are fighting for here, not a mutual admiration award. But I can tell you for a fact that I have never on a building site heard anyone have a good word about staying in it. Although there has never been any one of them even thought about the bigger picture in any way. You might have an extra tenner on your wages, but the odds are there will be far fewer of you drawing any.

The EU is a major trading partner, our membership is the only guarantee of human rights we have under the Westminster system, and we get back most of the cash we put in in the form of subsidies to certain industries. Until I started to take an interest in what was really going on I knew nothing about how the EU benefits us. Could someone ease my confusion?

I am fairly certain that just recently His Eckness was described in certain quarters as being an insufficiently prominent leader. Also am I to deduce from the article that those in opposition to independence are embarrassed that not just one but two Scots are capable of fulfilling their duties as Scottish Parliamentarians while also furthering the cause of Independence as well?

Good grief! She was going to bin it, but ever eager — desperate, even — to find something of substance, I decided to read it. I just want to get this off my chest. Our Scottish Parliament makes decisions on the issues that matter to us here in Scotland. We also benefit from the security and opportunity that comes from being a part of the United Kingdom.

This gives us the best of both worlds. It is the best choice for the future. So far, so inoffensive. Even the SNP government admit that Scottish businesses sell more to customers in the rest of the UK than to every other country in the world combined. Katie from Carnoustie says: It is hard enough for young people to find a job at the moment. We should be looking for ways to increase opportunity, not making things more difficult. We should be looking for ways to make our time less difficult, not trying to escape.

And again: how would independence change that? Thousands more jobs in communities rely on the UK defense industry. Over 9, jobs depend on green energy investment — funded by the energy bills of over 20 million households across Britain. Right now the UK pound is our currency. Our interest rates are not controlled by a foreign country, as happens to small countries in the Eurozone. All that would change if we vote to leave the UK. The leaders of the independence campaign say we should join the Euro or set up a separate currency.

Louise from Wishaw says: Keeping the Pound is about more than the money in our pockets. Giving up control of our interest rates to a foreign country means we would have no control over mortgage bills. This is breathtaking. If we leave the UK pound or join the Euro our interest rates would be set by a foreign country. We would lose all control of our mortgage rates.

If we stay in the UK, our welfare, foreign policy and defense would be set by another country. We would lose all control of our welfare, foreign policy and defense. The vast majority of customers for Scottish firms are in the rest of the UK. If selling to them meant changing currency it would be bad for jobs.

One wonders how our international trade functions at all with all the foreign currency we have to deal with… If we tried to use the pound without the agreement of the rest of the UK it would mean far more expensive mortgages. Our bank would face bigger risks without the back-up of the UK taxpayer. OK, finally, there was a wee form you could fill out. It asks on a rating from which statement best describes your view on independence which is commendably neutral , which party you voted for at the last election as ever, poor old Greens were left out, but more importantly I thought that was a SECRET BALLOT even though they also ask for your name and address!

As said earlier, remaining in the UK is absolutely no guarantee of keeping a successful Scottish Parliament. Alex as evil dictator. I had a run-in with a neighbour yesterday who is determined to vote No because of identity reasons. That his contemporaries chose the easy route to political success in the big parties.

She then began to say what a horrible person he is. I asked her why she thought that, and got an interesting reply. Apparently a niece of hers had worked for the SNP as an intern, and found Salmond impossible to work with, with a hideous temper. I have heard similar criticism from others working within the party. Most excuse it as the perfectionism of a driven man, but it seems to be a genuine problem. I then asked her what her reaction would be to a Yes vote.

I had just explained to her how decades and indeed centuries of getting back less than we paid in taxes had led to long-term unemployment, deprivation, emigration and population loss. But she still thinks the Scottish economy would tank. I think when one has heard the same tale from a number of people who actually work with him, it gets a bit more than just alleged. Now that is really beginning to annoy me. Morag I know the feeling. I have tried with a bloke I meet when walking my dog, probably in his late sixties.

I thought he might have been be a possible. He said that when he was younger he believed in nationalism as he had worked in small newly independent countries. He mentioned Jamaica! But he said no not now. This just about set me off on one. I had to take a deep breath and count to ten. I proposed that we left it at that, which thankfully we did before it got silly. Stop stirring. Amazing how he manages to keep said temper under control in the face of the shit storm he faces in public on a daily basis.

Brass tacks? Is he abusive though? If he was the type to chuck stuff across a room or raise hands to the staff it would have been a front page story long since. Christmas presents for Bute house this year should probably include a carton or two of Natra calm tablets though and mibbies they could lay off the coffee in favour of some herbal teas. Its likely to get a bit stressful in the next eleven months. My mum met a 20ish girl who was grand niece of an old friend and they were on the train together.

This girl had been an intern in fact she could even be the same girl Morag mentioned and said the same about Salmond not being a nice man. This was about 3 years ago I think. How true this is, and how sensitive the girl was, and how relative the who thing is, are not particularly relevant.

My standard response to anyone who plans to vote no because of Alex Salmond is to ask if they prefer Blair how many did he kill again? The result is usually that you just find out that the no voter is a no voter and I hate Salmond is just a badge, like the Edinburgh lady Morag mentioned.

Am I reading this correctly? We go from a neighbour who, against all other evidence, believes that the Scottish economy would collapse come independence who has a neice who worked as an intern in the SNP offices and who thought Alex. Salmond was a horrible man with a hideous temper. This friend of a friend, who had been an intern, is alleged also to have said AS was not a nice man. We have no knowledge of what the circumstances were relating to the alleged incidents or of the involved parties.

This is the region of urban myth. Very perceptive analysis. I think his coping mechanism is part of why they call him smug. He turns the attacks aside by laughing at them, and turning it all into a joke. We know that journalists have been digging for years to find some real dirt to smear him with as a person, and nothing has been published.

If they had similar evidence to the tales of telephone-throwing from Brown, no doubt the readers of the Scotsman would know all about it by now. Thirty odd years of work in three countries.

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